Mayhem vs CoMo T-Wrecks

Wow!  Another nail biter!

This past weekend, MMRD traveled for their first out of state bout of the season.  We landed in Columbia, MO to face off against the CoMo Derby Dames T-Wrecks.  This bout was definitely one you should have been there for – Mayhem kept ahead to win by 6 points in the end!  Everyone was on their feet and the noise from the crowd was deafening!

14379891_1777463959183724_3209035664671945808_o 14424950_1777459115850875_8146190329547465848_o 14434968_1777456779184442_2767279452683849943_o 14425376_1777456295851157_741489790013064202_o 14362435_1777455645851222_1323494580842095138_o 14372385_1777465572516896_884450983935731642_o14372059_1777461065850680_3006951107834036352_o 14311256_1776693905927396_5739643914864132947_o 14433015_1255889144450515_1134646478545727019_n

Thanks again to the CoMo Derby Dames for having us!  We can’t wait to see you guys next time!!

Stay tuned for details about our next bout in Dubuque, IA against the Dubuque Bomb Squad!  Check out the event here!