Back to back! Mayhem vs PUSH

This season we were fortunate enough to get to face the Peoria PUSH not once but twice!  And back to back to boot!

Our first bout together was on the PUSH’s home turf on May 7


Both teams had some big hits and some tough walls!

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But in the end, Mayhem managed to stay ahead by one!


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Our next encounter was Mayhem’s home season opener at Skateland South – (our home away from home) – Mayhem’s first home bout since 2014!


Both teams had a fresh roster and were anxious to play.

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This time, Mayhem managed to stay ahead most of the game to pull away with another win (and by more than one point this time!)



We hope to see you at our next bout on July 24 when we take on the Naptown Roller Girls of Indiana!  Event Details – Click here!

And, as always, a HUGE thank you to our visiting teams, refs, NSOs, volunteers, photographers, significant others, friends, and family!  We couldn’t do this without you <3



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