New Year, New Mayhem!

I’m sure many of you out there have been wondering, what the hell happened to MidState Mayhem in 2015?   There was no bouting season, did they dissapear?  Well, let me tell you my friend!

2014 saw several injuries and transfers for Mayhem.  2015 was a year of rebuilding for Mayhem.  We spent the last 12 moths building a stronger, more supportive team.  We’ve dedicated the time to our fellow skaters, helping our Fresh Meat sisters grow into brand new Team Members!


New Branch-5661


Mayhem also has a new crop of Fresh Meat comprised of both women AND men!  This year, we have paired up with our brother league – Capital City Hooligans – to provide a safe and comprehensive learning environment.  And man, oh, man you should see us now!



Here’s how you can be a part of the MidState Mayhem Roller Derby universe:

Join us!  If you’ve ever wanted to try, here’s your chance!  We’re looking for skaters AND refs!  Fresh Meat Practices (FMP) are Tuesdays at Skateland South.  All skill levels are welcome.  Admission is $5 and gear rental is available.  You must be 18+ and bring your own mouth guard!




Come see us!  Our bouting season will be starting before you know it!

Bouting Season Banner


Sponsor us!   As a nonprofit organization – sponsors and donations are always welcome!  Are you a local business owner?  We have sponsorship packaging that can help get your name out!   Not a business owner but want to help out a skater?  We have skater sponsorship packaging as well!


2016 is a new year for us, and we can’t wait to share it with you!

See you on the track!

~Polaroid Rage